Election Survey May 2021

We sent a survey to all 79 candidates standing in the local city council elections, and all 4 of the candidates standing in the Police and Crime Commissioner election.

We asked them all the following question:

If elected, what will you do to protect, enable and promote active travel within Southampton?

We received the following responses, organised by ward:

Bitterne Park

1) I would press for the introduction of a mandatory 20 mph throughout the city, with the only exceptions being roads that are not residential ie Thomas Lewis Way, Mountbatten Way and Tebourba Way.

2) I would promote better crossing facilities for pedestrians:

i) all well-used crossroads should have simultaneous red/simultaneous green lights to enable peds to cross in any direction

ii) upgrading of all ped crossings which currently require peds to wait in the middle of the road to crossings which allow peds to go straight across the road

iii) as a matter of urgency bring the max ped wait times at traffic lights into line with other cities (currently 30 secs in Manchester, 60 secs in Birmingham; 120 secs in Southampton).

iv) I would press for zebra crossings to be installed wherever residents groups or schools requested them.

3) I would endeavor to make Southampton safer for cyclists. This would require action across the city including junction redesign in some places, more on-road cycle lanes, installation of a cycle-priority sequence at traffic lights where appropriate, much longer lead-in lanes at Advanced Stop Lines, a trial of Dutch/German style traffic lights which permit cyclists to turn left (right) at red lights, repeal of the bylaws restricting cycling in Southampton parks, cycle contraflows on all 20 mph one-way roads, a review of traffic lights across the city to ensure that they respond to cyclists, an urgent programme of installing cycle provision where there are “missing links” to ensure that all cycle routes are safe and contiguous, removal of the cycling prohibition in the Bitterne Precinct and similar areas.

4) I would promote the introduction of “play streets” and more “shared space” areas.

5) I would advocate a reduction in Council Tax for all car-free households with possibly an increased Council Tax for households with two or more cars registered to their addresses. This would be an attempt to cut car ownership in the city leading to a safer pedestrian and cyclist environment and better air quality.

6) I would strongly advocate the introduction of: i) a Southampton oyster-style card ii) a work-place parking tax iii) restrictions on HGVs similar to those in London.

7) I would encourage the Council to adopt Vision Zero.

Lindsi Bluemel
The Green Party


All that LTN’s achieve is pollution with roads blocked and more congestion on the roads everywhere else. More congestion equals slower moving traffic equals more pollution. A slower transportation system equals higher pollution. I drive a PH taxi, so I see the problem first hand. Potholes are a national disgrace, more resources are needed to address this issue which will make driving more enjoyable, reduce the need to play “dodge the hole” by swerving left and right. That will increase safety on the roads. Restore 2 way traffic flow on the roads converted to 1 way. If the road is wide enough make it 2 way. All too often I witness emergency vehicles having to take the long route to a problem. Those precious minutes saved could also save lives. The UK is responsible for a mere 1% of the global output of CO2 emissions. Surprise, surprise the worlds atmosphere actually circulates. With that in mind we get visitations from other countries pollution, it’s not just us! It’s the never ending problem that can never be solved until other countries get onboard, don’t hold your breath on that happening anytime soon. Street Light illumination is really poor at night in Southampton. It’s time better low power usage and stronger illumination bulbs were being used, that equals a cash saving in the long term. Darkness is a safe haven for certain people. Make them more visible at night. Let people feel more secure when travelling at night. There was talk many years ago about putting up a monorail around Southampton. That came to nothing. It’s time we started exploring the viability of MAGLEV’s technology, it’s used in only a few countries. Active travel is a fantastic subject. However, the pop up cycle lanes are nothing more than a cash sapping disaster. I pass them every day and see very few people using them, but I actually see many cyclists using pavements as unofficial cycle lanes. Use them or lose them. Escooters are the latest fad. I see an accident waiting to happen. Crazy people flying off the pavements onto roads with no care about whats on the road. They are great when used responsibly, not good for keeping fit though. Much thought needs to be given to address this difficult subject, but there has to be a solution. Naked bike riding is not the answer lol.

Guy Ireland

By enabling better choices for cyclists, pedestrians and users of public transport, through for example safer streets in day time and night time

Dave Shields
Labour and Cooperative


Ultimately, to campaign for a Labour Government that will enact legisation to allow for the re-regulation of bus services, to bring all rail services back into public ownership, and to ensure that these services are mobilised for the benefit of the travelling public and not private profit. I would also expect that Government to properly fund local authorities which would then allow them to take unilateral action to make sure that Harefield has a decent bus service finally, rather than the current position of having to beg the DfT to support us.

Alan Lloyd
Labour & Co-Operative party


My view is that the best way to encourage active travel is to make it easier, cheaper and more convenient than driving. There’s various means to achieve that, but I would encourage the development of park and ride locations, an increase in bus services, an expansion of the cycle network, creation of one-way or no through roads in residential areas, and pedestrianisation of commercial and retail areas. I would also encourage businesses to stay in or move to areas where people live, or are on active travel routes, rather than relocate to out-of-town business parks that are frequently difficult to get to unless by car.

Jonathan Bean
The Green Party

I support the Labour council’s Green City Charter where it states on point 6. ‘We will encourage, promote and incentivise the use of sustainable and active travel.’ I also support the cycling plans implemented in 2017 (10 year plan) to transform cycling in Southampton. In 21/22 SCC will be launching a new walking strategy. I think the active travel zones and the School Streets scheme have been very good and made it safer for the children to walk to school. I would like to see these in other areas of the city, but especially some in Millbrook. If elected I would work with the local residents and find out where they think these would be best placed in the ward.

Lisa Fricker
Labour & Co-operative


Advertise services that support women to resume cycling, attend cycling campaign meetings and learn from this group how to promote active travel. TAlk to the officers responsible in the city council and see what initiatives I can support and add to in Portswood.

Katherine Barbour
Green Party

I will continue to maintain and promote the use of active travel in the ward and across the City. I was instrumental in St Denys being selected as an Active Travel Zone (ATZ) and while some experimental elements are still being resolved, I am determined to ensure maximum benefits for all, to provide for better, faster, cleaner, healthier transport for everyone across the City. This of course includes walking, cycling and use of buses as well as cars. The multi-million pound improvements to the Portswood corridor will join up tow reduce bus journey times from Swaythling using smart traffic lights, the cycle routes pavements will be hugely improved. Portswood Centre Hub will be a centre for electric car charging, and click and collect car hire as well as other systems to enable the modal shift. improvement in the district centre will require fewer journeys to the City Centre. This all ties up with Labours Green City Charter and the developing new local plan. We are looking to design places and transport that is suitable for women and children… that way it is safer and easier for everyone. We will encourage, promote and incentivise the use of sustainable and active travel. With the growth of the city we must develop smarter ways to get about. Just carrying on the way we have been in the past is not an option. The Southampton 10 year cycle strategy sets out how we can support most people in the city towards healthier and greener active travel with fully integrated protected cycle routes across Southampton. Not only will this allow for more efficient travel, but also brings a host of health benefits and health savings for us all.

John Savage
The Labour Party



Colin McDougall
Liberal Democrats


All the while it remains easier to travel by car and our roads feel unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians we will struggle to get people using active transport methods. Green Party policy prioritises pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport over the private car. If elected I would encourage and support completion of the Southampton Cycle Network, ensuring that wherever possible cycle users are separated from both cars and pedestrians. I would also encourage and support the reduction of traffic speeds to 20mph in residential areas and the reallocation road space towards pedestrians, cyclists and buses.

Angela Cotton
Green Party

Police and Crime Commissioner

I believe all the information you need is on my website.   See particularly   https://www.tonybunday.co.uk/policing-and-the-environment/
I am a keen cyclist myself and active in conversation and on environmental issues.

Tony Bunday