Please contact the decision makers

What is the problem?

The new Conservative Council of Southampton have pledged to take out the Bus Lanes on Bitterne Road West and to take out the Bedford Place Active Travel Zone.  Please now let them know your support for these, as well as Low traffic Neighbourhoods and School Streets.

They are saying that they want to #GetSouthamptonMoving but we are concerned that this will apply to car drivers at the expense of the many residents who do not have access to a private vehicle and who need safe and convenient alternatives. 

Here are some actions that you can take:

Don’t know what to write?

If you are stuck to know what to write, it is important to be polite and it is helpful to be specific and to draw upon your own experiences travelling within Southampton. Here are some things which might give you inspiration:

Petition the council

If you’re not happy writing a letter or email, you could lend your support by signing one of these petitions to the council:

Thank you for your support!